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The MV Kalangala, a passenger/ vehicle ferry, travelers delay between Entebbe Nakiwogo (port Alice) and Lutoboka on Bugala Islands. It leaves a small port at Nakiwogo at 14:00hrs and reaches Lutoboka bay in Ssese Island at 18:00hrs and returns next day at 08:00hrs

Packaging is available in adjacent compound at Nakiwogo Entebbe for a small fee. Passengers should turn up 30 minutes before departures and driers at least an hour before for those going with there cars on the Island.

A more roundabout route to the island is a free vehicle ferry, 40 km east Masaka, between Bukakata on the mainland and Lukku on Bugala island. To get there on a private vehicle, follow either of the lake Nabugabo route, in theory, the 50minutes ferry crossing leaves Bukakata at 8:00hrs, 11:00hrs, 14:00hrs and 17:00hrs and returns at 9:00hrs, 12:00hrs, 15:00hrs and 18:00hrs daily.

On Sundays however, the earliest crossing in each direction is dropped

Travelling between the Islands

Commonly Boats and Speed Launches are used to travel between the islands.

Get pleasure from the lake breezes and exquisite sights while travelling by lake. Local boats called “obwato”, which are powered by diesel engines, are commonly used for lake journeys.