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Traveller Information

The Sesse Islands is distinguished as a serene paradise on earth due to the peacefulness it offers. Consistently the Ugandan Authorities such as Kalangala District Local Government, Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), National Forestry Authority (NFA), Nature Uganda (NU), Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), implement necessary measures regarding health and safety of the visitors.


The Kalangala Islands is generally a disease free district with only the occasional bouts of bilharzia outbreaks and malaria.


The sun bestows a lot of pleasure to the visitors, but it might also strike some displeasure if you are not careful. The equatorial sun emits dangerous ultraviolet rays at midday. If you are sunbathing when the sun is hot and bright, always apply sun protection lotion or cream.

You can acquire such protective lotions from the main land. Overexposure to the sun might result in dangerous sunburn and heatstroke. It is also advisable to wear a sunglass to protect your eyes. Always drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

Water Risks

Necessary precautions and measures are in place to avoid unfortunate accidents in the water. Always follow the instructions provided by your instructors when you go for diving or any other water related activity.

It is advisable to use life jackets while at the lake. Resort islands will provide such safety gears and lifeguard services.

Healthcare Facilities

Modern primary health care facilities are available on the Sesse Islands. Practically all the resort islands provide the services of a resident doctor and first-aid services as required by the law.

Health Centres and Hospitals located in the islands can attend to non-serious medical issues. The tourism police services will facilitate evacuation of tourists who require emergency treatment from the Capital City.

Personal Safety

The Sesse Islands is a relatively crime free district. Theft and burglaries in resorts are very rare. However, it is advisable to keep your room and personal belongings safely locked away.


Electricity is accessible generally without any intermission on Buggala resort islands. The voltage of the electricity provided in the Sesse Islands is 220-240 volts. Additionally the utility frequency of the power supplied is 50 Hz. Commonly the British standard three-pin rectangular plugs are used in AC power plugs and sockets.

Nonetheless, other types of power adaptors and converters are also promptly obtainable should your electronic devices require them. Over the recent years the Sesse Islands have taken immense strides in the direction of harvesting renewable energy. Currently there are resorts that generate environmentally-safe electricity using solar energy resources

Communication .

The beautiful Sesse Islands are scattered across the Lake Victoria and are connected by a modern high powered communication network.

Local Company MTN and Airtel International Company provides telecommunication and internet services across the Sesse Islands.

Correspondingly these companies supply efficient fixed line, GSM, mobile and internet services. Almost all the resorts, hotels and restaurants provide WiFi services to their guests. Internet service providers in the country offer data packages that can be utilised in 3G or 4G networks in most parts of the country.