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Budget Holidays

The Sesse Islands is well-known as an mid-range to upmarket tourist destination. However, over the recent year’s budget holiday options have become widespread. Nowadays it is possible to discover the sunny side of life without breaking the bank to visit Sesse Islands.

Recent years have seen an increasing number of budget resort accommodation, guesthouses being built up on Sesse Islands and increase of camping sites fitted with the right facilities. Hence, all the attractions of Sesse Islands can now be explored by spending just the fraction of the cost.

Most of the camps and guesthouses are built in traditional designs and furnished with modern amenities. Through budget holidays, visitors can enjoy boat cruise, Island drive, Quad biking, canoeing, fishing, beach BBQs, and many other activities.

Guesthouses and campsites offer full board and half board meal options. Additionally locally run restaurants are present in most of the major islands. Indulge in the local cuisines and taste the mastery of Ugandan cooking (Katogo).  

Subscribers to budget holidays in various guesthouses and campsites acquire the opportunity of interacting with the islanders. Hence, budget holidays are the best way to experience the real flavour of Sesse Island life. Experience the rich culture, music, dance and Sesse Islands craftsmanship prevailing in different parts of the country.