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Honeymoon Holidays

The Sesse Islands has pioneered revolutionising changes to the honeymoon concept in Uganda. Traditionally a honeymoon is a romantic holiday taken by the newlyweds in an intimate and secluded place. The Sesse Islands honeymoon has adventitious these traditional elements of intimacy and seclusion, while spicing up the honeymoon with adventure, value and variety.

The seductive Sesse Islands are a natural masterpiece brimming with romance. The white sandy beaches and crystal clear fresh Lake Victoria waters, inadvertently makes you be at one with nature and at one with each other.The tender lake breeze and rhythmic wave movements will naturally heighten your senses and strengthen romantic attraction towards each other.

A honeymoon holiday in the picturesque Sesse Islands is an intimate affair designed for just the two of you. Countless resorts and hotels in the Sesse Islands offer infinite varieties of honeymoon holidays. After the emotional rollercoaster involved in planning a wedding, the Sesse Islands is a peaceful getaway for the two of you to unwind and savour pure bliss.

Since the resort islands are bereft of light pollution, you can enjoy dazzling displays of the stars together. Close your eyes hold your hands and make a special wish for each other when you spot a shooting star. If your honeymoon in the Sesse Islands coincides with a full moon night, then feel the buzz and energy of the romantic vista.

Invigorate your honeymoon in the Sesse Islands with candlelight dinners served with aphrodisiac dishes, inviting beds decorated with red roses and amorous bubble baths. Indulge in numerous activities designed for honeymoon couples like; an affectionate spa treatment, sunset cruises, fishing, forest / nature walks, candlelit dinner and picnicking together.

A visit to the Sesse Islands is not complete without experiencing the paranormal sunset. Do go for a boat cruise, Island drive, Quad biking, canoeing together and bond with each other while taking in the sights of colourful and vivid marine life.

Explore the pristine islands with your soul mate and fall in love with nature and each other afresh. A honeymoon in the exotic settings of the Sesse Island accomodations will enable you to take home a lifetime’s worth of everlasting romantic memories.