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The MV Kalangala, a passenger/ vehicle ferry, travelers delay between Entebbe Nakiwogo (port Alice) and Lutoboka on Bugala Islands. It leaves a small port at Nakiwogo at 14:00hrs and reaches Lutoboka bay in Ssese Island at 18:00hrs and returns next day at 08:00hrs

Packaging is available in adjacent compound at Nakiwogo Entebbe for a small fee. Passengers should turn up 30 minutes before departures and driers at least an hour before for those going with there cars on the Island.

A more roundabout route to the island is a free vehicle ferry, 40 km east Masaka, between Bukakata on the mainland and Lukku on Bugala island. To get there on a private vehicle, follow either of the lake Nabugabo route, in theory, the 50minutes ferry crossing leaves Bukakata at 8:00hrs, 11:00hrs, 14:00hrs and 17:00hrs and returns at 9:00hrs, 12:00hrs, 15:00hrs and 18:00hrs daily.

On Sundays however, the earliest crossing in each direction is dropped

Travelling between the Islands

Commonly Boats and Speed Launches are used to travel between the islands.

Get pleasure from the lake breezes and exquisite sights while travelling by lake. Local boats called “obwato”, which are powered by diesel engines, are commonly used for lake journeys.



The picture perfect islands of the Sesse are ideal for filmmaking. Nature has designed the perfect set for filming here. The flawless sandy white beaches, sparkling clear waters, tropical fringed beaches, natural rainforest are a filmmakers dream come true. Many of the islands in pristine condition are waiting to be captured by the lenses of your camera. Recent years have seen an increasing number of local music filming companies choosing the perfect natural settings of Sesse Islands for filming.

Famous multinational television networks and channels such as SABC, BBC Tarvel, CNN Travel and CCN Inside Africa and CCTV Africa have filmed many reality shows and documentaries in the uninhabited islands. The locations on offer in the Sesse Islands are second to none. There is no better place on earth than the Sesse Islands for aerial filming, witness nature’s perfect landscaping.

The consistent all-year round weather the year makes scheduling for filming easier. Visibility is excellent for the better part of the year. Full privacy can be enjoyed during filming in uninhabited islands, as there will not be a soul around.

Big Game Fishing

Bassese have engaged in fisheries for millenniums. For generations the livelihoods of the islanders were sustained by the abundance of fish in the Lake Victoria waters. Big game fishing gives the opportunity for visitors to experience the real Bassese way of life.

Some Sesse Islands Resorts organise excursions for big game fishing enthusiasts. A short boat ride from the resorts will get you to the open waters, where you can engage in a thrilling fishing adventure. Resorts provide boats specifically built for fishing, necessary gears and facilities should be self arranged. These boats are manned by crews who are professionally trained for such excursions.

Common catch of big game fishers in Sesse Islands waters include Nile Patch and Tilapia Big game fishing excursions offered by Sesse Island resorts are a comfortable and exhilarating affair. During your fishing trip you will be provided with meals and drinks to keep your appetite for fishing stronger.

All boats are required to have safety equipments and first aid in case of an emergency. You can bring your own fishing rods and reels or use the ones offered by the resorts. Explore every day a different fishing spot in the Sesse Island waters and take the chance of catching the biggest fish of your life.

Sunset Cruise

The Sesse Island is blessed with sunshine throughout the year. Accordingly the Sesse Islands, are renowned for offering the best glimpses of the sunset and sunrise. Sunset is considered the most beautiful time of the day. There is no better way than taking a sunset cruise to capture the magnificent vista of scarlet skies, brilliant hues of lavender and rich blue wisps of clouds as the sun is about to set. Most resort accommodation in the Sesse Islands organise sunset cruise for visitors in love with the sunny side of life. Embark on a boat journey heading towards the setting sun far away in the horizon. With each passing moment you will witness the sun getting closer and larger as it goes out of view for the night. Grab a cocktail or a beer and watch the sky as it displays nature’s most impressive light show. While you leisurely sail on your boat take a glance towards the endless waters of lake Victoria. You will be given a double treat as the majestic display in the sky is reflected in the water. The reflection of sunset in the water contorts a breathtaking imagery. A sunset cruise in the Sesse Islands is not only about the setting sun. If you are lucky you will not be embarking on a sunset cruise alone. As your boat sails through the calm waters. A sunset cruise in the Sesse Islands will give you the opportunity to enjoy the sunset, in all nature’s glory without any man made interferences shadowing the amazing sight. Capture the awe-inspiring images of the sunset as a memoir of your great stay in the Sesse Islands.

Spa & Relaxation

The blissful environment of the Sesse Islands invokes an innate spiritual connection. Consequently visitors experience a restorative sensation once they set foot on the beautiful islands. Over the years the Sesse Islands has become synonymous with relaxation and contentment.

Some resorts in Sesse Islands such as Brovad Sand Resort proffers lavish and sophisticated spa treatments. Indulge in and get pampered by the complete wellness experience offered through the state-of-the-art sauna and spa facilities available at the resorts.



There is a selected resort in Sesse Islands – Ssese Islands Beach Hotel that offers the sport of golf for devoted golfers. This selected resort provides a unique golfing experience for enthusiasts of the precision club and ball sport. Golf course in Sesse Islands is maintained in an environmentally friendly manner. The golf course at Ssese Islands Beach Hotel in Sesse Islands is set in peaceful areas surrounded by natural tree forest, white white sandy beaches can be accessed within a few minutes walk-away. The golf resort in Sesse Islands provides full size driving range and large putting green area. The golf course in Sesse Islands is perfect for seasoned and beginner golfers. You can enjoy refreshments and snacks in the golf bars while you play golf amid breathtaking surroundings.


Visit the major resort islands to enjoy a vibrant nightlife in the Sesse Islands. From chilling out in the nightclub to beach parties at night, you can have a happening time here. Resort islands organise lively entertainment every night to keep the visiting guests amused. Lounge in the bars created in heavenly settings as you enjoy a drink. Resort islands have created varieties of bars and Kalangala Pearl Resort has recently put up a nightclub for visitors. Showcase your dancing skills at the discos or sing karaoke style in the karaoke club. Regularly local artists perform in resort gigs.

Family Holidays

Family holidays in the Sesse Islands are truly a family affair. Accordingly every member of the family can enjoy a blissful and fun filled holiday without any hassle. A family holiday in the Sesse Islands is a great opportunity to impress some of the best childhood memories of your kids. Your Kids will be given special treatment the moment they arrive at the islands.

There are all inclusive resorts in the Sesse Islands offering unbeatable family holiday options. Furthermore, there are purely family oriented resorts providing a family holiday experience of a lifetime. The safe environment and year round sunshine lavished with entertaining activities for kids has made the Sesse Islands an attractive holiday destination for families. 

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